Local Values, Global Connections. That’s BTS

BTS, based in the South-West region of WA, is steeped in local expertise. We stand out with a human touch in a tech-driven industry. Prioritising genuine customer interactions, we offer top-notch telecommunication services tailored for businesses of all sizes, from small local ventures to expansive enterprises. Our offerings span across voice & data services from NBN and others, High speed fibre connections, wireless data and more, all presented at nationally competitive prices. BTS promises seamless, efficient communication solutions designed to let your organisation thrive.

Our unique selling points? Local understanding, in-person support, and no-lock-in agreements, making us a trusted partner in delivering your communication needs.

Business voice services.

Already equipped with a phone system but craving clear, dependable voice services? Looking for a high-quality business grade voice solution that’s affordable? At BTS, we don’t just promise superior voice quality; we act swiftly on any communications concerns you might have.  We know you do not have time to waste time on hold with overseas call centres when you need help, we provide local friendly support. Combine this with our Southwest based technical on-site support team, and your business’s telecommunications are in very capable hands.

To enquire about joining the growing SW business community who entrust BTS with their Business voice services click below or call to discuss you needs.

Business grade Internet

BTS are a leading internet service provider based in Bunbury. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to address your business’s unique needs. Our dedicated local team of professionals is committed to alleviating the pain often associated with dealing with large national carriers and call centres. By choosing BTS, you can expect superior customer service experience coupled with competitive pricing.

Whether you are a small “mum and dad” business who need a reliable NBN connection, a larger enterprise, or a Local Government Authority requiring high bandwidth fibre, BTS have an industry leading solution to suit to a diverse range of data and voice customers. We understand that each organization has distinct requirements, and our wide array of services ensures we can meet your requirements effectively.

With nationally competitive pricing and local expertise – our authentic service and unwavering support is the perfect combination for your business. And with no lock in agreements what is the risk?

Phone System support and repair

Unlike many in the phone system industry, BTS stands apart. Reach out to us with issues with a phone system over 5 years old, and you will receive genuine assistance and product knowledge, not a sales pitch for the latest model. Our qualified and experienced technicians are dedicated to maximizing the potential of your existing equipment. With BTS, it is always about supporting you first.

BTS have the largest team of voice technology technicians in the Southwest. We can come to you, to resolve downtime issues and repair telephone systems faster.

Our extensive service fleet is fully equipped and ready to assist. We can also identify and rectify both cabling and network faults while on site, install additional network cabling for office alterations and install additional handsets for expanding workplaces.

BTS can support the following phone system brands:

  • Ericsson LG
  • Panasonic
  • NEC
  • Mittel
  • Hybrex
  • Avaya
  • Shoretel
  • Alcatel
  • Samsung
  • Toshiba
  • 3cx
  • Vodia
  • Microsoft Teams

Small Business phone systems

Need a small office phone system or a multi-site solution? Seeking a phone system that improves both your customer and staff experiences? Aspire to project a professional business image without stretching your budget? Look no further. With BTS, you can access innovative business phone system solutions from just $113 per month, tailored to meet the unique call handling needs of small businesses. We can also provide finance solutions to spread the cost of your communication investment out and help you gain the competitive edge now.

No matter the size of your venture, be it an intimate family-run business or a large state-wide operation, BTS delivers cost-effective solutions. What’s more, all our solutions come backed with local expertise and dedicated local support, ensuring seamless communication.

Choose BTS and invest in unparalleled communication solutions for your business.

Enterprise Phone systems

Not all telephone system providers can handle the demands of enterprise systems, but here at BTS we make complex solutions simple.

BTS excels in designing comprehensive solutions for medium to large enterprises. Our offerings come feature-rich, eliminating the surprise add-on costs for features that many other vendors impose.

Whether you are seeking a remote working solution for your team, a full-scale call centre solution or are aiming to record every crucial call detail, BTS designs the perfect fit for your requirements. We provide solutions that seamlessly integrate with business IT infrastructure, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft teams, CRMs, and ERPs for reliable communication at scale, with the highest standards of end-to-end security.

Our offering includes a wide range of cloud-based and on-premises VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telecommunications systems, including multi-site enterprise networks.

Microsoft Teams calling

As companies navigate the evolving demands of the modern workplace, the value of tools that foster collaboration and boost productivity is undeniable. This is where Microsoft Teams can be an excellent solution, but it has limitations. BTS, as a leading expert in Microsoft Teams integration, can show you how to maximise the functionality of Teams as a complete calling solution. This is achieved by effective integration with a fully featured cloud phone system to achieve all the benefits of Teams collaboration tools with an enterprise grade calling solution.

The integration of Microsoft Teams with a phone system is not just a step—it is a leap towards shaping a proactive, agile, and efficient workplace. And with BTS as your trusted partner, the journey to redefining business communication becomes even more seamless.

NBN Enterprise Ethernet

Experience unparalleled network reliability with nbn™’s premier fibre offering – the Enterprise Ethernet (EE).

Boasting symmetrical wholesale speeds ranging from a foundational 10/10Mbps right up to a staggering near-10Gbps, Enterprise Ethernet is designed to meet the diverse needs of all businesses, from budding start-ups to established enterprises. Additionally, we have the programming flexibility to prioritise your data, effectively curbing congestion.

Choose Enterprise Ethernet for a future-proofed bandwidth solution, bolstered by reliable local support, ensuring your business technology remains robust and reliable.

As the NBNs main service delivery partner in The South-west for Enterprise Ethernet, with BTS you are not just partnering with a service provider, but the local business who actually install, maintain, and support the service on behalf of NBN, a true end-to-end solution.