Prolong the life of valuable underground assets with industry-leading underground service location, access and maintenance from BTS.

Underground service location is an essential part of carrying out site works. Here at BTS we focus on cost-effective solutions that prolong and preserve underground services and efficiently locate services in even the most remote locations.

Using the latest equipment and minimal disruption techniques, our team can locate and service underground assets better than anyone in the business. We also provide access, fix faults with minimal disruption, and carry out preventative maintenance for asset protection.

Underground Service Locating

BTS provide a clear and accurate map of underground services from on the ground and in the sky. We focus on collecting useful data that helps utility managers, energy companies, property owners, civil engineers, builders and mining companies to locate and preserve underground services. We also locate underground cabling to establish and terminate connections, fix faults, and move services before construction.

  •  Buried pipes and tanks
  • Multiple cable locators
  • Drone services for site imaging
  • Metal & non-metal identification
  • Feasibility and risk audits
  • Pipe and cable mapping
  • Fault location
  • On-site servicing
  • Pre-excavation mapping
  • NBN and telecom services

We also provide maintenance and servicing for underground services including telecommunications cabling, NBN, fibre optics, pipes and conduits and more. Our expertise brings outdated service maps up to date by tracing unknown and known services, plus we identify faults and consult on practical maintenance strategies.

Non-Destructive Digging/ Pot-Holing

BTS provide non-destructive digging (NDD) with vacuum excavation services to minimise the environmental impact (and disruption) of essential works.

NDD provides safe and efficient access to underground utilities and services. Combined with our high quality underground service mapping, BTS use potholing to establish spot access for servicing, maintenance, fault remediation and replacement.

Cost effective underground service location

Partnering with BTS means being able to start any project with confidence. We are regional and remote service location specialists with full-service capabilities. We can locate, map, repair and consult on underground pipes and cables for a clearer picture of what you’re working with.

From concrete scanning, to pipe location in metro and regional areas, fault repair, multiple cable locating and minimal-disruption digging, BTS provide the full scope of service solutions. And like everything we do, our large team of qualified technicians provide simple solutions focused on saving cost, prolonging services, and taking the hassle out of doing business.

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