Put your business at the forefront of technology and communications with BTS.

Better Telco Solutions WA is the better communications partner for South West and regional Western Australian business. We provide full-service data cabling and communications infrastructure services, customised security systems, established Wi-Fi networks, fault support and a range of specialty communications services.

BTS is the single point of contact for businesses who connect with the world. Affordable, reliable, and highly skilled: we make complex solutions simple.

Network Cabling

Network speed and reliability are vital in every industry. Everything from basic correspondence, to data storage, physical security and core software stability relies on a stable, secure and fast data stream. BTS is the largest data cabling specialists in the South West, and we have long-term relationships with both equipment suppliers and service providers such as Telstra.

We design, install and maintain data cabling and have the unique ability to work at scale, including commercial and industrial cabling, fit-outs, and fibre optic systems for industrial and mining projects. Our expert technicians are trained and fully equipped to work on all types of network and fibre optic cabling.

Telephone Systems

Workplace technology continues to advance, blurring the lines between IT and telecommunications. BTS is at the forefront of communications infrastructure and technology, ensuring our clients are as well.

We provide better business solutions, from enterprise telephony systems to hybrid physical/online and cloud-based PBX networks, plus equipment from the best international brands. Our experience and technical capabilities mean our clients can streamline communications into a reliable unified network, or design dedicated systems to suit the way they do business on-site and in the office.

Security Systems

What does security mean to your business? Protecting the premises, maintaining a secure network, or both? BTS does it all with a single point of contact for all your business security requirements. We supply and install the latest physical security measures: CCTV camera packages, remotely monitored alarm systems and secure access control.

Plus we partner with businesses of every scale to provide ongoing maintenance, including fault support and equipment repairs. When security and network fidelity matter to your business, there’s nobody better than BTS.


BTS design and install CCTV camera packages at scale, from single-premises CCTV to linked networks spread over multiple locations. Using the latest equipment paired with our trademark tailored approach to business security, we help businesses to keep a close eye on the things that matter.

Our speciality is linked security systems that combine the convenience of remote monitoring through cloud-based CCTV systems with on-site access control, all brought together using the latest innovations in security technology. Plus, we can maintain and upgrade existing CCTV systems to ensure your security never misses a wink.

Managed Wi-Fi

From single office Wi-Fi to multi-network connectivity across mine sites, mining camps and industrial projects, BTS delivers fast, reliable wireless networks at any scale. Our clients include small businesses, local government offices, commercial and retail businesses, offices, mining projects and industrial operations.

BTS works across Western Australia because there is nobody who understands regional connectivity like our technicians. We specialise in enterprise Wi-Fi systems to establish secure networks for employees and guests, plus dedicated connectivity that powers better business.

Access Control

You decide who comes and goes from your premises, with a bespoke access control system from BTS. We supply and install all kinds of access control measures, from door phones to swipe card systems, video surveillance and even physical access barriers like turnstiles.

Access control keeps your business secure on your terms. Our expertise is in designing and installing bespoke access control systems to suit your budget and site-specific requirements, including multi-site and remote access control.

Support & Maintenance

Network downtime can be devastating for business. Every hour of outage costs your business money, so you should be able to trust your technology partner to get you back online quickly. BTS has the largest network of technicians in the South West with a fleet of 30+ vehicles and engineers available to act fast.

Our fault support services include everything from telephone fault repair to fibre splicing and copper jointing, NBN faults, Wi-Fi outages, data cable interruptions and temporary connections – even if we didn’t install the system to begin with. And as a BTS partner, you can benefit from a cost-effective ongoing maintenance agreement to minimise callout costs.

BTS means simply better solutions

BTS is the only company in regional WA with the capabilities and expertise to handle your entire business communication and data needs. Affordable, reliable service from a single team with full-service capabilities – that’s the BTS difference.

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