BTS: Tailored Telecommunications with a Local Touch

When you partner with BTS, you’re not just choosing a provider. You’re aligning with a team that is dedicated to offering a blend of great customer service, undeniable value, and technically advanced solutions. Join us and redefine what you expect from enterprise telecommunications.

Technically Superior Solutions Tailored for Integration

The modern enterprise functions on interconnectivity. At BTS, we understand the importance of integration and have designed our offerings to seamlessly integrate into your existing IT framework. If you’re using platforms like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, or Microsoft Teams, or even extensive CRMs and ERPs, our solutions will integrate without a hitch. This level of compatibility ensures reliable communication at scale, fortifying your operations with the highest standards of end-to-end security. Our solution portfolio is vast, comprising both cloud-based, on-premises VoIP and Hybrid telecommunications systems. From multi-site enterprise networks to specialized setups, our emphasis is on technical excellence, ensuring that the backbone of your enterprise communication remains both cutting-edge and robust.

Customer Service Beyond Expectations 

In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, the true value of a provider isn’t just in their products but in their attitude towards their clients. At BTS, we’ve built our reputation on a foundation of understanding and addressing the multifaceted demands of enterprise systems. Our mission? To take what appears to be intricate and transform it into an effortless experience for you. While many providers claim excellence, we ensure it by simplifying the complexities, allowing you to navigate your enterprise telecommunication journey with ease and confidence. Every interaction with BTS assures you that you are our top priority, and our commitment is to guide, support, and offer solutions that genuinely respond to your needs.

Value-Driven Solutions without Hidden Costs

While technical expertise is crucial, the heart of a solution often lies in its value proposition. BTS is not just about providing telecommunications systems; it’s about offering these systems with transparent, upfront value. Our solutions for medium to large enterprises come packed with features, ensuring that you don’t encounter unexpected costs or the dreaded add-on fees that are common with many other vendors. We believe in a transparent approach, where what you see is precisely what you get. Whether you’re on the lookout for a robust remote working setup, an expansive call centre infrastructure, or tools to capture every vital call detail, BTS ensures that the value you derive is maximized without hidden caveats.