Enjoy life at high definition in your own home.

BTS provide comprehensive home theatre and data cabling services that connect homes to the future of on-demand entertainment.

We also set up Wi-Fi networks with easy parental control for safe browsing, design and install home automation systems and supply assistive technology to make life easier for people of all ages and abilities.

Wi-Fi Networks

BTS design and install Wi-Fi networks that help you limit screen time and internet access for the kids without needing to unplug the router. By strategically placing WAPs (wireless access points) throughout your home for reliable connectivity with centralised parental controls, you can securely control your kids’ devices and restrict their screen time to healthy limits. We can also set up multiple networks, for example a second network for kids and one for guests that have individually determined permissions and controls.

And for those without kids, we focus on simplifying WAP design for strong signal in every corner of the house without cable clutter. A strong wireless network is the single most important part of enjoying seamless technology in the home.

Home Theatre

From wall-mounting a TV in the living room, to designing a fully customised projection room, BTS provide simple and elegant solutions to enjoy your favourite entertainment in comfort. We can add TV antenna points and data points, install and re-route data cabling, securely mount screens and speakers, and provide most of the hardware you need to power your Netflix or gaming relaxation time.

Home Automation

BTS supply leading home automation systems to make your life a little easier. We can install door phones and VoIP systems, automated CCTV camera systems, and security alarms that automate safety in your home. We also design and install smart wiring for connected homes. Imagine being able to turn on the lights and air conditioning at home before you leave the office: BTS make it simple.

Multi-room linking

We also connect speakers and Wi-Fi enabled hardware across the house. Use your smart device – a smart phone or central control tablet in the living room – to move music around your house and change the mood with intelligent lighting in an instant. Smart homes are the new normal, and soon you won’t be able to imagine life without the power of a linked system.

Assistive Technology

Technology can dramatically improve the quality of life for someone living with disability, or an aging person alone in the home.

Aged independent living

Smart home technology provides peace of mind for your family, and safety for an elderly person still capable of living at home alone. BTS provide user-friendly solutions for independent living:

  • Security systems and alarms
  • CCTV camera packages
  • Telephone and data cabling for improved communication
  • Smart wiring and hardware to limit physical tasks

Disability assistance

Technology is also a great help to people living with physical disability. Some physical tasks are no longer possible but that shouldn’t mean giving up independence. BTS design and install custom assistive technology solutions to provide disability support:

  • Intelligent lighting
  • Climate control systems
  • Security systems and alarms
  • CCTV systems
  • Wi-Fi networks with centralised control for family members
  • Devices and control panels to limit physical activity

Better, simpler home entertainment solutions

BTS are a one-stop shop for home entertainment, smart home design, data cabling and telephony. From reliable and centrally controlled Wi-Fi networks, to assistive technology, or even entire home theatre designs, our professional and highly experienced technicians do it all.

Contact BTS for a no-obligation consultation in your own home today and find out how we can make tomorrow simpler.

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