There is almost nothing more frustrating than losing connectivity to your home or business.

It always seems to happen at the worst possible time, causing disruption and delays to your life. And after all that, you spend hours on hold with your telco just to be told there is no fault on their side and it’s left to you to find a solution.

This is where BTS are here to help. As an independent contractor we locate, service and repair faults to get you back online faster. We have a large team of trained technicians and a fleet of rapid response vehicles ready to attend callouts in Bunbury, Dunsborough, and all through the South West.

BTS are the largest dedicated communications support company in the region.

Our support capabilities include:

  • Diagnose internet, data and visual faults in your home network
  • Repair or replace faulty data points
  • Rectify TV antenna and connection point issues
  • Diagnose and fix Wi-Fi system problems
  • Test and repair NBN, LBN and ADSL faults
  • Repair or replace phone wiring

BTS are your first port of call after your telco confirms there is nothing wrong with the general network and you are required to determine if the fault is at your premises.

Support When You Need It

As a local independent contractor, it’s our job to be here when you need support. BTS have a fleet of well equipped vehicles and a large team of skilled technicians who travel around the South West to locate, advise on, and fix connectivity issues.

We come to you as quick as we can and identify the fault on-site. From there we provide advice on what you can do to get back online as soon as possible, and in most cases we can fix the problem for you. You won’t be waiting weeks for a technician: call BTS when your telco gives you nowhere to turn, and we’ll be with you straight away.

Independent Advice From Trained Technicians

BTS are a full-service data cabling and communications company servicing the entire state of Western Australia. For you as a homeowner or local business, that means you benefit from more than 20 years of experience and up-to-date training and information.

All our skilled technicians are fully qualified to install and repair data cabling, sockets and connection points, plus we have specialists in TV antenna repair who can come to you. BTS also have a long relationship with NBN Co and can offer unbiased advice and suitable solutions on offer.

BTS Is Simply Better

The next time you need an independent third-party assessment of network faults in your wiring, NBN connection, data cabling, TV antenna or Wi-Fi network then you know who to call.

With the personalised service of South West locals, and the buying power of a large company, BTS can get you connected faster. We make it simple for you to restore data and telephone connections by locating and diagnosing faults, advising on repair strategies, and in most cases providing on-site support there and then.

Contact BTS to learn more about our fault support services.

Contact BTS to learn more about our 
Fault Repairs & Support Services