Keeping your home or business secure from break ins, damage and theft has never been more important.

Bunbury police reported nearly 100 burglaries, 564 thefts and 169 incidents of property damage last year alone. We want to believe the unthinkable won’t happen in our street, but the crime statistics are alarming for South West residents.

The good news is it doesn’t take a huge effort to get your premises secured against property damage and break-ins. Here at BTS we make safety simple, with security solutions tailored to protecting the people and things you hold dear.

BTS use our buying power to make the latest tech affordable for homeowners, builders and business owners. With custom solutions and support from the best technicians in the South West, you can rest assured that BTS is here for you – and we’re not going anywhere. Here’s how we’re helping keep South West families safer:

CCTV Systems

CCTV cameras are one of the most popular ways to safeguard your home. Not only do they record any antisocial activity, they also work as a burglar deterrent.

BTS can design, supply and install a tailored CCTV solution that works for you – without breaking the bank. We always use the latest and best equipment for safety in HD. Plus, most systems today come standard with remote monitoring from your work computer or smart phone, motion detection, Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud recording systems and instant alerts sent straight to your phone.

Now you can have peace of mind that your home or business is secure, whether you’re inside or on the other side of the world.

Monitored Alarm Systems

Receive instant intruder alerts straight to your mobile device and trigger security measures from anywhere with a remote access alarm system. BTS tap into the latest technology to design secure systems that can’t be tampered with.

We can design a system to suit any home, including perimeter beam and internal zone systems and remote monitoring setup.

Intercom Systems

An alarming number of break-ins occur while the family is in the house. With a VoIP intercom system, you will always know who is at the door and have time to call the police or security if you need.

Intercom systems use a discreet camera on the doorbell panel to show you who is at your front door. You can receive a live video feed straight to your phone, laptop, central smart home panel, home TV or anywhere else you choose. From there you can communicate with the person to let them know you see them and open the door for invited guests.

Electronic Access Control

Control who enters and exits your premises from anywhere in the world with remote electronic access control. BTS can design a system that works for you, from simple front door keyless entry and gate unlocking to video-controlled access and swipe card access RFID panels.

Need to let the cleaner in while you’re on holiday? Kids locked themselves out again? Guests turn up in the middle of cooking dinner? Electronic access control provides a simple solution for these situations and so many more.

Safety And Security Where You Need It

With a custom security system from BTS, you never have to worry about the safety of your home, business, or valuables again. Our highly qualified technicians use the best quality equipment for trouble-free operation, and as the largest dedicated data cabling company in the South West we’re always on hand to help you out with servicing and support.

The buying power of BTS, combined with our long track record of home and commercial security solutions and a promise to use only the best available technology, means you get the most cost-effective security solutions in the South West.

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