Data on demand, on any device, from anywhere in the world. The future of business is in the cloud.

Cloud computing is revolutionising the way companies work by replacing bulky on-site storage with more secure, faster, and more affordable off-site solutions. Like a virtual server that gives you access anywhere, on any cloud-connected device, our comprehensive cloud solutions offer convenience and cost savings.

Our goal is to make high-performance data storage and IT services affordable for all businesses, including cloud-based computing, cloud migration, secure off-site data storage and reliable data backups.

Plus like everything we do here at BTS Technology, our cloud services are tailored to your business needs. Trust BTS Technology to declutter your business and streamline communication with industry-leading cloud computing packages.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange services give your employees access to work emails on their phone with added security, plus customised email inboxes and instant access to contact and tasks from anywhere. Our Hosted Exchange experts work with you to customise a setup that suits your business. The benefits of Hosted Exchange are:

  • Access to emails, calendar, contacts and tasks with a simple sign-in
  • Centralised account management
  • Do away with bulky on-site servers
  • Microsoft security keeping your data safe
  • Choose to keep emails on the server or download them to a local device
  • Customised email accounts


Office 365

Almost everyone who has used a computer is familiar with Microsoft Office and Office 365 is the next evolution of the famous productivity tools. The difference is Office 365 is cloud-based software, meaning:

  • Instant access across multiple devices
  • Data syncing
  • Full suite of Office products
  • Easy sharing internally and externally
  • Work on documents from anywhere
  • No hardware installations

Office 365 and Hosted Exchange work hand-in-hand for improved productivity, secure cloud data storage and seamless sharing.

Data Storage

Ditch on-site servers and switch to cloud-based benefits. With cloud data storage from BTS Technology, your business can manage, access and control data from any connected device with the confidence of military-strength encryption and frequent backups. That means one centralised storage location, accessible by everyone in your business (with the right permission).

Cloud storage means you never have to worry about on-site data corruption or missing files again. Even if you accidentally delete an entire folder, we’ve got your back with a backup.

Hosted Backups

How long has it been since you backed up your business data? We back up your hosted data several times a day and keep it secure with military strength encryption. If something goes wrong and you need to recover data from a previous backup, we can recover it in a flash and get you back to work.

Hosted data is compressed and fully protected by our secure server protocols. We never look at your data, and our security measures ensure nobody else does either.

If you’re still confused about cloud migration, or looking for a better business solution, call BTS Technology to discuss your needs with our experts. We may have our head in the cloud, but we’re always here when you need.

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