Data theft is a growing risk for business. A devastating data attack can come from anywhere, anytime so you need to trust your defences. Is your data secure?

BTS Technology provide industry-leading cyber security and network fidelity services. We focus on keeping your data safe from falling into the wrong hands, preventing misuse and modification, and saving your business from the costs of data violation.

Data Theft

Data theft is the deliberate act of stealing digital information from unwitting victims. Thieves called ‘black hats’ gain access to confidential information like bank details and email accounts, corporate documents, financial records and anything else you store on a computer (which is basically everything nowadays).

It’s not just big businesses that are targeted. Thieves and hackers are increasingly targeting SMEs because they know their data defence is weak. That’s why BTS Technology provide scalable cyber security services to suit every business and budget, from sole traders to enterprise network protection.

Data Breach

Data breach is the (normally accidental) release of information to the public or a third party. Accidentally sharing access to a shared workspace, failing to properly secure internal data, or leaving access open to black hats.

Cyber Security Audits

Our approach starts with a ground-up audit of your entire cyber security environment. We employ external stress testing, look for holes in firewalls, and scour your digital footprint to find where a wiling black hat might try to gain entry:

Devices Data security Network strength
Security level of devices Unsafe online behaviour Firewall testing
Weak passwords Penetration testing Website load testing
Out of date software and patches Permissions and sharing Unsecured Wi-Fi networks
Device policies Data and sharing policies Network use policies

And that’s just the beginning. After our network and system experts have a clear picture of your cyber security situation, we can create a tailored strategy to keep your business secure.

BTS Technology use network security software from trusted brands like Cisco Meraki, Fortinet and others to ensure anything we recommend comes backed by a strong track record. Our solution is always tailored to your business and budget; our focus is on saving you money by preventing data breaches.

Managed Antivirus

Computer viruses are getting more sophisticated every year. Today’s hackers are using cryptoblock viruses to penetrate a business network, locking them out of their own system and demanding a ransom in Cryptocurrency. And that’s just one example from the growing list:

  • Cryptoblock
  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • WinRAR executable codes
  • Fake software downloads
  • Fake updates
  • IoT and personal device breaches
  • Spyware
  • Keyloggers
  • DDoS attacks

Many viruses are designed to install themselves, steal targeted information such as credit card numbers and home addresses, then disappear off your machine before you even realise what’s happened.

Virus protection prevents these malicious pieces of software (called ‘malware’) from doing damage to your network. BTS Technology have a large team and the latest tools to prevent malicious invaders from accessing your secure data.


Just like viruses, spam is more difficult to detect nowadays. Our antivirus packages include powerful anti-spam measures managed by an in-house team of data experts. Plus we provide on-site training on spam, phishing and malware identification.

Anyone can add antivirus or antispam programs to their machine – and it is often these free programs that cause the damage. We begin with a deep search for phishing threats, including email accounts and unauthorised software on managed devices.

From there we work with you to create data policies and configure antispam software to provide the highest level of protection for your business.

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