Partner with BTS Technology to get the best tools for the job, at the best prices, with the best business support team in the South West.

Effective IT is about more than fixing network problems and wielding the latest gadgets. Our expertise in every area of business communication technology, from data cabling and fibre optics through to equipment, components, software and support programs means BTS Technology have your whole business covered.

As a Leading Edge Computers partner, we have access to wholesale prices not available to regular customers. And we make a point to pass on that competitive pricing to our customers, because it’s our job to make sure your business has the hardware and software to succeed.

BTS Technology are proud to be the all-in-one IT management, hardware, software and consulting solution for businesses in regional WA.

Hardware Procurement

BTS Technology do what other hardware providers can’t. We don’t just sell you the latest gear; instead our expert IT consultants make cost-effective recommendations tailored to your business. Our procurement service takes the hassle out of searching for the right solution, as well as being able to offer competitive bulk-buy pricing on all your business hardware needs.

What we supply

  • Computers and monitors
  • Server infrastructure
  • Business Phone Systems
  • Switches & Routers
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Network cabling
  • Fibre optic cabling
  • Electronic components
  • IT accessories

Plus with the help of our partners at Better Telco, we can supply all the cables, handsets, exchanges and components for a better system.

Why BTS Technology is better for business

We do the research (and stress testing) so you don’t have to. Our IT team enjoy nothing more than putting tech through its paces to find out which of the leading international brands really are the best. Speed, performance, reliability, user-friendliness – it all adds up to a better experience for your business.

As a Leading Edge partner BTS Technology offer bulk-buy pricing on brands like Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, eSet, Brother, Epson, Dell and more. Our team will configure your hardware for easy use, plus we offer maintenance and monitoring services, warranty tracking, inventory management and on-site support to ensure you get the longest life from your IT equipment.


Software Licencing

So you’ve got the right machines, but what about the tools you use every day? Software licencing can be a huge cost to businesses, from accounting to engineering, retail to government. BTS Technology can help:

  • Competitive software licencing pricing
  • Installation and training
  • Data security
  • Licencing to suit your business
  • Updates and patching
  • Technical support
  • Productivity tools (Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange server)
  • Technical software (CAD, sales software, CRM, Adobe products)
  • Cloud-based and SaaS solutions
  • Advice on new and emerging products

By negotiating enterprise licencing agreements we can offer the same software at a lower ongoing rate. Our competitive licencing solutions offset business costs and provide the tools you rely on. We can also configure your software, implement security protocols to keep data safe on third-party platforms, and even offer Microsoft Exchange server space for Office 365 and organisation-wide email efficiency.

One name for all your business tech

BTS Technology are the one-stop shop for hardware, software and cost-effective connectivity solutions. Plus we provide leasing and finance solutions to minimise the impact on your business’ bottom line.

With our network of IT experts, data cabling and communications technicians, support teams and account managers, you are always in the best hands. Call BTS Technology today to find out what we can do for your business.

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