With a comprehensive Managed Services offering and more than 15 years in the business, BTS Technology means high-performing IT without headaches.

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your business if your network went down for a day? What about a week? The cost of unexpected network outages can be crippling for any company. Only proactive maintenance and monitoring can prevent catastrophic (and costly) disruptions.

With the right tools, wielded by the right team, our customers save thousands every year with managed IT services tailored to their support requirements.

Remote and On-Site Support

All businesses require IT support, but not all of them need a person on-site all the time. Our network management services provide cost-effective and efficient business support, tailored to your business and budget. We consult closely with clients to design a support system that works better, based around your specific business needs.

24/7 Network Monitoring

IT systems don’t just work 9-to-5. Failures and bugs can and do occur at any time of the day or night, which is why your business needs round-the-clock monitoring. BTS Technology use industry leading network monitoring tools to notify network administrators as soon as issues are flagged in the system. Often this allows us to rectify problems before the user (your business and its employees) even notices a glitch.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management (IM) is the umbrella that protects your assets. We work with you to manage policies and processes as well as equipment, data, on-site infrastructure and hosted services. Our approach starts with a thorough on-site audit to see what we’re working with. From there we craft a practical, cost-effective strategy to safeguard IT investments.

Drawing on the expertise of the wider BTS Technology company, we not only manage IT and network infrastructure but can also supply, install, maintain and repair all the equipment you need to work better.

Proactive and Preventative Maintenance

Whether from age, thermal or mechanical interference, overloading, or power stresses, all IT systems suffer degradation in some way. Too many businesses think of IT support as fixing problems when they occur, instead of preventing them from happening at all. BTS Technology supply software to proactively address degradation with techniques like regular fault tolerance reporting and soft failures.

Avoid ad-hoc costs and crippling downtime with regular system maintenance and proactive issue resolution from our IT team tailored to suit your network, needs and budget.

Service Desk

BTS Technology have a 24/7 service desk where our clients can submit help requests. Help is never far away and depending on the tailored service package we are providing you can even request assistance at odd hours. With our team of dedicated IT specialists here to help, your business is always in the best hands.

Business Continuity

If there is a risk of the unthinkable happening, you need our business continuity planning service. Business continuity ensures there are processes and systems in place to deal with IT threats (either on-site or remote) as well as system failures, disaster recovery and safe data storage. Think of business continuity as essential insurance for your IP.

Call the BTS Technology team to get the best in preventative maintenance, total system management and tailored cost-effective support. Keep your business running smoothly night and day with BTS Technology Managed Services.

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